Planets & Pinot-General Admission

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Prepare to be dazzled at our vineyard when we partner with the Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit for a night filled with Planets and Pinot Noir!

The SBAU will be setting up some of their most powerful mobile telescopes at the top of our vineyard. Gaze at the planets, stars and other celestial sights while enjoying Alma Rosa wines and charcuterie.

What can you expect to see? 

A nice detailed Moon phase, Jupiter and 3 of the 4 Galilean moons, and Saturn with its spectacular rings will be visable. Summer deep sky objects like globular clusters with over a million stars, interacting galaxies that are 12 million light years away, and planetary nebulae will also be visible through the telescopes. 

*includes a complimentary glass of Alma Rosa wine and small snacks